CTM Digital 200 Ton

Compression Testing Machine 200 Ton (Digital)

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It is for use of strength of concrete isobtained by crushing the sample in formof Cubes, Bricks & Cylinders. Concrete iscarefully designed for a particularcompressive strength by the Engineersand ...
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It is for use of strength of concrete is
obtained by crushing the sample in form
of Cubes, Bricks & Cylinders. Concrete is
carefully designed for a particular
compressive strength by the Engineers
and specimen is tested by applying load
in Compression Testing Machine. The
range of Compression Testing Machine
is 2000kN (200 Ton) in Channel Model
fitted with special attachment the
machine can also be used for Bricks. 
Compression Testing Machine consist of
a load frame with suitable Platens and a
pumping unit with Digital Load Monitor.
Load Frame and pumping Units are
connected by pressure pipes