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Pharmacy Equipment

We are International leading manufacturer and supplier of all types of pharmacy laboratory instruments or equipment. We are certified by Government for quality pharmacy instruments.

Our pharmacy instruments list include:

* Hot air oven.
* Drying oven Industrial.
* Oven vacuum PID controlled.
* Incubator bacteriological.
* Egg incubator.
* BOD incubator.
* Serological Water bath.
* Hemoglobin meter.
* Turbidity meter.
* PH meter.

and more other. These equipment have been designed keeping in specific laboratory requirements of B & D pharmacy lab equipment. Our pharmacy instruments made with high quality material and supply to customer after passing quality testing test.We supply our pharmacy instruments to education department, medical department, scientific laboratory, pharmacy laboratory. We provide international shipping. We provide complete maintenance and repair service. You can easily exchange equipment within 14 days.

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