When you buy a product on Elabcart, you get into a binding contract to finish the deal as well.

However, if you have a justification and can't purchase the product due to the valid reason, contact the supplier and ask them to cancel the order. Elabcart cannot cancel any order. It can only be cancelled by the supplier.

If the supplier doesn't accept to cancel the order, you will have to satisfy the terms of the contract.

NOTE: Order cannot be cancelled once the item has been shipped.


If you didn't like the product you purchased, we suggest verifying if the product you got matches the features/specifications mentioned in the product description. Please check for features like measurements, material, size & specifications, color, etc.

If the product you received is considerably different from what is described in the description or damaged, please contact to supplier first to get replacement or return. If you don't find any solution from the seller, Please don’t contact Elabcart customer care as mention we list only products on our website and not responsible for any shipping or returns, it is your duty to choose the supplier with good ratings.

Your purchased item cannot be returned if you just don't want it. When you buy products on Elabcart, you get into a legal responsibility to complete the transaction. However, you can contact seller, but please note that they are not responsible receiving returns in such cases.