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Why choose Elabcart?

We are the highest growing platform to sell lab equipment. Exceptional service is our goal at Elabcart. We offer Individualized, fast and error-free Service.

Order Placement and Confirmation

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Is it necessary to have an account to make a purchase on Elabcart?

It is not necessary to have an account to make transaction through elabcart. You can make an order by providing valid email address, Phone number and address for us to send you the goods. However, we recommend creating your personal elabcart account. It allows you to rate and review products and sellers. You can also experience a personalized and customized shopping by creating your own elabcart account.

How to know my order is confirmed?

You will be receiving an notification via email or SMS after your order is confirmed and processed. You will also receive estimated delivery time in the email/SMS sent to you. However, you can always check the current status of your order by login into your elabcart account (we are providing tracking facility).

Shipping or Delivery Process

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Cancellation & Returns

How can I cancel my Order? (Redirect to Cancellation and Return page)
What is your return Policy? (Redirect to Cancellation and Return page)

What are Registration Charges?

Registration is totally free at Elabcart. We deduct a small amount only when your product is sold.

Which details are needed to register on Elabcart?

You need to enter your business name, PAN details, Address, Phone no, Company email id etc.

Which type of products can I sell?

Elabcart provides you the facility to sell Lab equipment for various industries like chemical, electrical, construction, pharmaceutical and mechanical worldwide.

How will I get paid?

After your product is sold, you will get payment within 7-15 days. For more details, refer Pricing!

Who decides the cost of products?

The only seller can decide the cost of his products. We just take the initiative to sell it worldwide.

How often can I start selling?

As soon as you are registered, you can list your products and start selling it through Elabcart.

What are the charges to sell on Elabcart?

See Pricing

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