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Why Us?

Do you wish to sell on Elabcart? We want to tell you about why it is fruitful to sell your products through our website. Just explore here some exciting features for your business:

No Limit on Product Listing

Now, you can list your product as many as you want, there is no limit for publishing your product on our website. When you can list a maximum number of products on a site, it definitely helps to grow your business. Our listing tools are so easy to use that you will find no difficulty in listing your products.

No Registration Fees

We do not charge anything to get you an account on Elabcart. You just have to follow some simple steps that include filling necessary information like company name, email, password etc. As soon as the registration is complete, you can list your first product.

Professional Services

Elabcart provides you the specialized services to showcase your products more effectively using exciting publishing features. You can enter informative details about your product including specification, description, size, features etc.

Worldwide Customers

Set up your account on Elabcart and we will showcase your products worldwide. You just have to list your product and leave the rest to us. We will take care of everything from getting orders to the safe delivery of all your goods.

Full Customer Support

We are always ready to hear your queries! You can directly call us or mail us at (Elabmail_id)

How to sell

Elabcart helps you to sell your products in seconds. You just need to open an account with us by filling your bank details, tax information, and business info.

Open an Account

Register an account with us and create a high-quality catalog using our specialized services. Using, Elabcart, you can advertise your product worldwide and get customers from all the nations. You don’t need to worry about shipping; we can do it for you effortlessly.

Manage you Orders

Millions of customers will have access to your products once it gets published on Lab cart. When you receive orders from a number of customers, you can easily manage them using user’s dashboard.

Expand Your Business Globally

We help you to take your products worldwide to expand your business globally. Also, we provide customized support to manage your orders internationally and increase your sales as well.

Seller’s Satisfaction

Our seller’s satisfaction is our priority. We provide the hassle-free services so that our sellers find it convenient to list new products and manage orders effortlessly.

We do not take the charge for shipping and let you directly ship your product according to your convenience. We let you manage the shipping for the ordered product. You can book space directly with shipping lines, airlines, transporters, logistics and they manage transportation taxes, Customs etc. It can reduce your cost and there will be more satisfaction about your product delivery.


According to the Transfer Pricing Model, both the seller and Elabcart agree on a mutual price, and it is paid by the customer for purchasing a product. Elabcart charges 10 % of the listed price and the vendor must ensure to pay it on 15th and 30th of every month.

The vendor will get a direct PO in the listed price at Elabcart, and if the seller fails to deliver the product, the customer has the full right to take action against him.




50 Products Listing
Store : No
Listing By Company : No
Email Promotion : No
Paid Promotion : No
Worldwide Promotion : yes



200 Products Listing
Store : Yes
Listing By Company : No
Email Promotion : Yes
Paid Promotion : Yes
Worldwide Promotion : yes



1200 Products Listing
Store : Yes
Listing By Company : Yes
Email Promotion : Yes
Paid Promotion : Yes
Worldwide Promotion : yes



Unlimited Products Listing
Store : Yes
Listing By Company : Yes
Email Promotion : Yes
Paid Promotion : Yes
Worldwide Promotion : Yes

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